I've managed to offend myself by not being offended

April 10th

It struck me recently that I rarely get offended by anything. In fact I don't think I've ever really been offended by anything ever.

A quick search through the huge archive that is this blog has revealed that I've only once used the word in relation to me and it's to assert that I've never been offended by anything.

Other than that it's in reference to someone else getting offended:


HERE and

It's quite strange to me whenever I see someone getting all flustered and offended by something. It's confusing and amusing in equal measure. I used to think people who did get offended by things were sort of pretending. They were playing a sort of game. Nowadays I'm not sure this is the case but I often wonder if you choose to be offended, I think people do. Offence is taken, not given. Perhaps this explains the success of Frankie Boyle, who I find a bit dull.

When I mentioned this to a mate of mine he laughed and asked if that means I don't care about anything. I don't think that's true, I just don't quite care enough to get flustered yet.



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