Starsuckers a film about our celebrity obsessed culture for people who are interested in it...

8th April

Sometimes I'll watch something on telly that I find interesting. The film "Starsuckers" is a recent example. During the interesting bits I forget that it could also be seen as quite depressing. Starsuckers is a film about our celebrity obsessed culture which in part added to the problem it was describing. It's not a great film but parts of it are. I suggested my girlfriend watch it. She did and found it depressing.

If you've got a boring expanse of time you wish to fill Starsuckers is one way to do it. Be warned though, you might just end up feeling a bit depressed.


Lloydd said…
Nine Inch Nails released a song called Starfuckers, which I liked. Then they re-titled is Starsuckers and released it as a single. Which I thought was lame.

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