Train stations

I recently noticed that there often seems to be a lot of deaf people at train stations. I remember noticing this phenomena a few years back. I have no idea why it should be the case but next time you are at any major city's train station you'll notice some deaf people doing sign language to each other at some point.

The above is halfway towards observational comedy. It's just missing the funny. There's nothing amusing about the observation. Even worse, it's an observation that might not carry. I have noticed the above to be the case but I doubt anyone else has. There's probably a really prosaic reason that it's the case but even so it's still not particularly funny.

One day I will observe something common to us all and then reinterpret it in an amusing fashion. When this happens I'll turn it into a blog entry and you can tick the funny box rather than the boring one.

There also seems to be an abnormally high proportion of attractive people as well, at train stations, wandering about their business. Still nothing I can think of that is amusing or unusual about that. Just another observational observation without any comedy.

There's a lot of trains also, isn't there? Eh? Trains. What's that all about?



How about something to do with people seeming attractive because of all the train/tunnel innuendo, or if there are so many deaf people why is the Quiet Carriage in so much demand!

As Alan Partridge once said "Right. That mean, there will be noise or there won’t be noise? Difficult one to figure out, that. But they’re just deaf, they’re not deaf offenders?"
Maybe people with a sensory impairment are less likely to be able to drive?

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