Unimpressed by Mr Brown

17th April

I went to see Derren Brown's new tour recently. I'm kind of bored of his stuff now. The things he does seem more like conjuring tricks than they used to and the absence of a decent explanation of what he's actually done is galling. I'm still miffed about the various TV shows of his where I ended up feeling slightly conned.

For example:

The one where he reckoned he'd predicted the lottery numbers.

The one where he reckoned that he could tell how fast a car was going just by listening to it.

The one where he was supposed to be shooting himself in the head, with a gun, that wasn't loaded.

There's many more but the problem is best summed up by an episode where he reckoned he'd hypnotised some bloke to end up inside an arcade machine fighting zombies. At first me and a mate were taken in by this hook line and sinker. But on closer analysis it's obvious that you can't hypnotise someone by flashing a screen in their eyes a couple of times, so there was clearly something that happened there which we (as viewers) weren't being told. This was the start of my Derren Brown love affair coming apart. I hear he's going to be doing some new TV shows where he looks into psychics and so forth. Hopefully that'll be better than what he does usually.



Lloyd Sceptical said…
Never liked him.

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