And now with wings...

I've never understood the big fuss over designer babies. I'd be well up for that in the event that me and the lady decided to spawn. People who think it's a bad idea never really seem to draw out a convincing argument. Why not grab hold of the evolutionary steering wheel with both hands and ride this cheeky mother to the end?

In fact I'd look into the idea of wings. What self respecting child would not want a big pair of wings sprouting from their shoulder blades? Certainly no child of mine would baulk at such a gift. They'd also get gills and self cleaning ears. No syringe business for them to deal with.

And night vision. I'd have that too.

Now, what ethical arguments can possibly get in the way of all those perfectly possible improvements? As far as I'm aware it usually boils down to "oh, Hitler would have liked designer babies," and, "but what about the ones who get born wrong?". Well, firstly Hitler was an evil bloke no doubt about that. However just because he liked something doesn't make it therefore evil. I'd be prepared to bet that he liked Jam. Doesn't make jam evil. Secondly this business of what do we do with the freaky ones who get born pre-perfection is simple. They get raised and live just like we did.

Call the U.N. I've sorted it all out. Designer babies give you wings.



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