Arguing with Buddhist monks

Currently I am attending some classes at my local Buddhist temple. I'm a fan of meditation and enjoy hooking up with others and doing it in a group. The added bonus of short discussions about Buddhism is too much to resist. The only problem is that my naturally contrary nature keeps exerting itself during the questions section. For example, this time the Monk was talking about how anger is bad because it causes people to lose focus. This loss of focus means we see people as 100% bad when in reality they have good points as well as negatives.

This confused me. I don't usually get angry much but I'm not sure it's right to say that anger is always bad. Sometimes it's a good thing. Obviously spitting rage kettle-manic troll type anger isn't good. But 'bit miffed' can sometimes lead to you taking positive action to sort a situation out. I suggested that by directing anger at anger the Monk had lost focus and missed the good points about it. It's not 100% bad. Just maybe 60-80% bad.

This led to a long conversation which ended with her telling me that Buddha once killed someone!

I've googled this incident and it turns out that the mudering Buddha was a re-incarnation of the original one. So, y'know, it wasn't actually him. This is where the conversation sort of naturally finished as the monk explained that I don't understand karma yet so perhaps I should come back next week.



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