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I've had to remove the comments bit from the bottom of the front page. It all got a bit nasty there without me even noticing. I've upset a few royalists recently. Uh, and a few religious people. Oh, and a few nationalists as well. Oh dear.

Here's some of the comments which I've preserved for posterity. I've removed the nastier ones but left some of the negative ones in. I generally don't mind people slagging me off to be honest. Just not sure I could leave some of the more agressive comments up.


ive always said that nick should be the prime minister that was when he was at hallam fm now hes ended up in london so where is the next move maybe the whitehouse lmao love ya nick from the very controvecial psycho sue morgan

:( i miss the night before with nick margerrison :(

Sorry to see you have moved Nick, loved the show and will miss it, from smiffy ,Bridgwater somerset,

dude you are amazing, i am horrified to see you leave kerrang radio, the listener ratings will drop steeply now you've left, you've transformed the worlds minds and opened them to strange and bizarre new ideas and theories, and i think that was your intention all along :) good job. one last thing, i lost the game :) good luck nick :)

You're probably sick of reading all these comments but...I've listened to the show religiously for the past few months and am actually gutted. Even though you were a complete cock most of the time you're still a legend and it was the greatest radio show ever made. All the best for the future.

nick kerrang isn't the same without you , the nights are just boring. please tell me you are doing another radio showx

Well I don't know what to do at night anymore, I've got three hours spare now, but thank goodness you haven't just disappeared in to the abyss. I can't wait to hear you again sometime, hopefully in the near future, as you are one of the most interesting people I know.

Good luck and hopefully you'll be back on the airwaves soon, it was the best show ever !!

The nights just aren't the same. Nick, you were amazing

awww, finished studying and working just to find out some other dude was in your slot...never realised you had gone unitl I googled it. Radio just isnt the same!

I'm going to miss the wackyness. And what do I do now about keeping up to date with all the conspiracy theoris and Big Brother????? (not the TV Big Brother)

live in australia, just thought my computer could no longer donwload ur podcasts and just found the reason. don't get ur tv program down here on foxtel. so pretty much thats me ****out. bits on u tube i guess. fairplay anyway we all got to earn coin best we can in this world. your a very talented chap and sure we will hear you again.

Michal From Birgham, We miss you Nick! Like the user said, 10-1 No longer the same.

I miss you nick!!! weeknights 10-1 still arent the same :(

somebody told me your on LBC is this true?

hi nicholarse,found your blog,loved it,miss you on kerrang,loz guest show good but miss the night before,and by the way 'I JUST LOST THE GAME'

Good Heaven's! A night-time talk-radio Jock with a TV show on Channel 200. WIth a crap blog. Cripes! Socrates - The New Republic.

Nick. Please get back on air...

Hi.The Night Before should be brought back.NOT ROD STEWART. Nicholarse are you on the zeitgeistuk forum?

I agree. Why exactly did you leave, or get booted?

your shows are rubbish. i have seem to think that you have to disagree with everything. you havent the gift of twisting words.self opinionated little upstart.extremely irritating.listen to Clive. Nik or Anthony. superb.

nick im gutted i stay up every night to listen to your show and im so upset your greatly missed by me and the rest of the nation im sure. i agree 10-1 will never be the same xxx look like a fat version of max off of hollyoaks.

I can't stand this man. He's ruined the overnight slot on LBC. The Ego has landed.

I have listened to a few of shows and really cannot warm to you or your presentation style. Your voice is gratingly unpleasant, your manner is patronising and you are often ill-informed about your subject matter. You take a viewpoint and keep pushing it in an attempt to provoke. You contradict yourself regularly too!

It won't be long before LBC get rid of you. You're no Anthony David! You seems cold, smug and unable to have a real conversation. Please do us all a favour and just piss off!


"You're no Anthony David!" That's the best insult ever, for so many reasons.

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