My girlfriend is having an affair...

14th May

My girlfriend is having an affair with Twitter. She's addicted to it. You can guarantee she will be reading it now. No matter what time of day it was when you read those words. I'm not quite as deep into it but I do enjoy an odd tweet.

One particularly odd (but funny) tweeter is this bloke:

It's a parody of Danny Dyer. It's laugh out loud funny.

Alan Watts:

A passable quote machine based around the late Zen master.

Armando Iannucci:

Very funny comedian.

Tony Robbins:

Self help guru. Seems like a good bloke.


Murray said…
I'll happily admit to being addicted to Twitter. I've got plenty of time to waste, so it suits me just fine. It's a great way of discovering new blogs, videos, news articles etc, that you probably wouldn't otherwise have come across.
Fascinating how you can also gauge the collective mood of a whole nation of people at any one moment.

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