One thing to note about the election

May 17th

One thing to note about the election is how badly the BNP did. They are one of the groups who would benefit enormously from proportional representation. As it is, every general election we are reminded they're not really a force to be reckoned with in the UK. I don't think racism is as big a sell in the UK as some people would like to pretend.

The hoo har over Question Time when Nick Griffin appeared on it convinced me that there was no real and present danger of the BNP doing any business in a proper (ie General) election any time soon.

If you didn't see it you really didn't miss much. Me and a few mates watched it expecting something exciting to happen and it took about 20 minutes for us to realise there was never any chance of that. There was the moment when Griffin said he thought gay people kissing was creepy. It made me wonder how he knows that? It also made me wonder who advised him on his strategy for the show, "make sure you annoy gay people as well, don't forget about that!".

This was the key thing for me though, Griffin lacks charisma and our current election system keeps out fringe politics so the BNP won't be gaining any form of real power any time soon. Three cheers for first past the post!



Hattie said…
I don't understand why this post is dated 17th May when I thought it was the most recent. This has left me inordinately upset.

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