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Half Decent

"Paaarp - oh 'ave a go on that" S. Cable, rock legend.

Influences on my mind #3

"God is a concept, by which we measure our pain" - J.Lennon

Dis stain

Should have just got 'em off Bit Torrent.

More proof that I'm a waster...

Sim City

The scab that is religion...

The cult of Apple

Uncivilised countries...

Some more random thoughts...

Ashes to ashes ends and I am gutted . . .

Incantations can change reality

Big sun, big fun.

I watch rubbish TV

Fame, I want to live forever.

Magnum ice creams

Tea time.

A bit of an animal

Rhetoric is the enemy of logic.

Saw someone in the park with a rubbish tattoo...