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8th June

You may remember an earlier posting about my "chav sized" telly*. The one I bought is "HD Ready". I'm still not entirely clear if this means it is or is not HD which I'm watching on the occasions it is available. Right now the BBC HD channel is on and I've got to be honest here, I can't really see much of a difference. There is one but it's very slight.

My mate Ginger Dave got quite riled when I said this to him recently.

"There's definitely a difference, no doubt about it. Or at least there is on my telly."

This has made me a little paranoid that I've got a rubbish version of HD. This has been eased slightly by a caller on my new radio show who assured me that HD is only a significant improvement upon American television signals. They've always had slightly blockier resolution on their tellys.

Meh, I'm just looking at it now. It's a bit sharper but, it's nothing I'd write home about. Perhaps I just have rubbish eyesight these days. If that's true I blame the internets.


* Quite a popular entry, only 3 points off being in the top 5.


Anonymous said…
why do you still call it your new radio show? XD

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