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One of the ideas that regularly knocks me for six is that animals and humans are equal and deserve the same level of respect as one another. I’ve had this idea put to me on numerous occasions in the past and I’m sure to hear it again in the future. On one level it’s perfectly reasonable. Humans are animals. We all feel pain, emotions, empathy, fear, joy, consciousness and the list goes on. You can’t put forward any unique human quality that marks us out which has not within the last few years or so been shown to, at least possibly, exist within other creatures. It’s only our post Christian world view which defends the concept of ‘human specialness’ within mainstream thought.

Personally I approach it from an angle which most people find abhorrent. I am human. I have a human perspective on things. To deny this is to deny my own humanity. I eat animals and wear their skins because I can’t see things from their point of view. If I could I’d probably stop but I can’t so I don’t. This isn’t much of an argument but moral philosophy isn’t really humanity’s strong point. It never has been. Just try working your way through Kant one evening and you’ll see what I mean.

The interesting thing about this analysis though is that people who are staunch animal rights activists do often end up compromising their own humanity in the pursuit of a higher moral calling. Keep this blog entry in mind next time an animal rights story pops up in the news.



Anonymous said…
grr no nick!
you have the intelligence a human has to active EMPATHY! you can try and see it from their point of view, imagine it was you? being farmed in horrid conditions for your meat and then have someone wear your skin as a belt or handbag. well i guess you cant cause you'd be dead by then x3
Watch Earthlings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NghzqtqP50Y

Einstein said some awesome clever things about vegetarianism being the way forward!

i went veg because of your show :) thanks for that, its helped a lot.
Hattie said…
Hmm, well when I'm a person I'll certainly carry on eating other animals.
Ben said…
vindictive cruelty < something only humans do/enjoy doing.
Nicholarse said…
Cats play with mice for fun < suggests vindictive cruelty is not unique to humans. Cheers for the comment though.
Hattie said…
Well excuse me, that is not especially true! We provide a service on cutting down on the rodent population. AND we sometimes give them as presents.
Anonymous said…
"Cats play with mice for fun "
no they dont xD of course they dont, are you serious?

cats kill mice and dont eat them because they are practicing their hunting skills and have enough food from their owners so they dont need to eat it, BUT its still in their instincts to kill.

people use that cats kill mice for fun thing a lot, its so dumb, its in a cats instinct to kill mice.

is it your instinct to eat meat?
when you see some roadkill do you wanna get your knife and fork? do you lust for blood and the kill of other animals?
i hope no, as most sane mentally stable humans do not.
Ben said…
Fair point... though cats must be the most human of any animal. :-)
Lloydiculous said…
Humans and plants are equal and deserve the same level of respect as one another. Therefore, those ill-fitting jeans of yours Nick are going to have to come off! We need to save the cotton plant from bastards like you Nick.
Hattie said…
Yes they are.
Murray said…
Apparently it has been known for people attending autopsies, where the corpse has been badly burnt, to suddenly start salivating, which naturally both shocks and appals them. It's merely their brains that are sensing 'cooked meat'. Grisly, but true.
Hattie said…
I don't understand what Lloydiculous said.

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