The cult of Apple

May 30th

Sat on the tube, minding my own business, two random blokes stumble up to me and spark up a conversation about the new apple iphone / laptop thing. I don't know or care what it is but unfortunately my polite replies are interpreted as signs of interest. I've not yet mastered this art of London travelling which involves ignoring people who talk to you. I also do not understand the dozy twunts who love a computer company in the same way you'd love a minor deity.

Point 1, Apple is the largest computer company in the world. Bigger than microsoft. It's not, and never really has been, the plucky little guy.

Point 2, It's a well managed 'cool' brand. I'm not cool and I don't like cool things. There's never been any doubt that Apple is a computer aimed at people who want to be cool. It hits that market well. I'm not part of that market so have no interest.

Point 3, It's a computer. Not a lifestyle choice, you easily herded fat cattle you.

Obviously these points remained obscured by my "oh, that's nice" reply. It was only towards the end of the conversation when I dropped in the above truth nuggets that the two drunken chaps talking to me got into an argument with each other about whether or not Apple Plc is in fact a dominant multinational or a friendly faced plucky business trying desperately to compete with the big boys.

I left them to it.



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