Incantations can change reality

May 26th

There is a theory which suggests that reality changes to fit our understanding of it and not the other way round as many of us presume. For example, you think you're reading these words on a computer screen because they were there for you to read. You're reacting to them. I'm guessing you don't think you have had any role in making them appear here. This theory which I'm putting forward for you suggests that actually reality sometimes follows our expectations. So, if you could convince the world to think the moon was made of cheese, in the end it would be.

I'm not sure how far I go along with this stuff, I'm just putting it out there for you as an idea. Objective reality is tricky enough at the best of times. However, it amuses me that scientists have now found that Guinness actually is good for you. Their old advertising slogan has turned out to have a slight grain of truth in it, despite initially being based on no evidence whatsoever:


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