I watch rubbish TV

My television tastes are nothing to be proud of. I've been watching the "Junior Apprentice" series with my lady recently. It's actually been quite good so far. That said I was annoyed by one of the adults using the phrase: "very unique". You either are or are not unique. It's like being quite original. Or quick and fast.

The experience of uttering the above remarks to my long suffering girlfriend added to my sense of getting old as I watched these kids competing to become Sir Adam Sugar's apprentice*. They were all sixteen but to me they looked about 12. I think you only really grow up around the age of about 27. Before then you're a young kid in my book. If that annoys you it's further proof that I am correct. Only young people get annoyed because people think they're young.


*Got it wrong on purpose. Anyone who is a "Sir" deserves to have their name used incorrectly on a regular basis.


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