Should have just got 'em off Bit Torrent.

3rd June

Me and the lady spent the best part of £100 on CD's today. We were getting albums which we thought we should already own. The sort of stuff you see on telly and think - I should have a copy of that somewhere, but don't.

Jimi Hendrix got a look in, as did Joy Division, Led Zep, AC/DC, Genesis (Peter Gabriel era), Paul McCartney (with Wings, the mistake of the spending spree) Fleetwood Man (Peter Green era), and Beck. The latter purchase was at my girlfriend's insistence.

The best of the bunch so far is easily AC/DC: Back in Black. I'm surprised at how well it works as an album, I usually think of them as being a singles band.



Craig said…
It's strange I think a lot more people are paying for music now than a few years ago. I think its something to do with the massive ad campaigns itunes/apple do. amazon uk has some real bargains for classic rock mp3.

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