Sim City

I really am quite a tragic case. My friends are off doing important stuff like having kids and following important career paths while I'm still messing about on stupid computer games wondering when I'll suddenly grow up. Like this will happen overnight one day - "aha I'm now a responsible adult who can plan things weeks in advance AND keep his room tidy without his girlfriend moaning at him about it!".

My latest computer game addiction is Sim City. Yep - that old game no one cares about anymore. It's aces. I have managed to build up a mighty city called Nichopolis.

When I started playing on it my girlfriend thought it was Second Life and that I was going to go online and meet new people. She worried that I was going to find a 'red haired fat girl who likes tarot' and run off with them. She vastly over estimates me sometimes. Imagine her relief (?) when she realised that actually I was going to waste loads of time playing a very old computer game.



Anonymous said…
Better make sure you don't rediscover the joys of Jet Set Willy online, eh!
Hattie said…
Deddle eddle a, deddle eddle a, deddle eddle eddle eddle eddle eddle a, du, du, de de de du de de de de de de de de du de......

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