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Some more random thoughts...

It has come to my attention that fat people, when in their 20's, often look as though they are in their 30's. They spend both decades in stasis and often manage to get through their 40's and early 50's without really seeming to age until, almost overnight, they're old.


Magic and art have given birth to both science and religion. Personally speaking, I blame the parents.


All human relationships can be described as accidents of geography and date of birth. This accounts for alcohol, anger, love and tears.


Growing older has, for me, been a process of observing the age attributed to celebrities in tabloid newspapers. Initially they were astronomically older than me. Then they were my age and now some of them are younger than I am.


Being surrounded by the ignorant is the price you pay for your genius.


Everyone is unique, there's nothing special about it.

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