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A dog had laid an egg on a park bench?

Lee and Herring was never as good as Stewart Lee and Richard Herring.

David Cameron's out of control, stop this man!

What a depressing incident, thank God for Stewart Lee.

The Eh Team?*

Katie pays the Price

Time shoots by.

Having children does seem rubbish

Some of life's little ironies

Big Brother's final series limps along

The Adverntures of Asterisk

High as a kite off a single cup of coffee!

Music I enjoy #4

I'm a bit like Renton off of that film

It was a very rare incident

Irony and sarcasm: Lee Nelson's Well Good Show

I love Stewart Lee and his mad sense of integrity

Obviously problems at Tesco

Wax on wax off!

Big beefy bloke shoots people, morons love it!

Freaky book

Too clever for his own good...

Getting a bit shirty.

My new polytheism defence...

Discordian Poetry

Reading Illuminatus

Comedy, it's funny isn't it?

It's wrong to shout "hey Alf!" at strangers, right?

Say cheese!

More "proves it"...

Brand Russell Ltd

Made some changes to the blog format

Grim world at the moment

£50 extra a month!

Fat football loving advert watcher

Always wear the mask.


Legalise drugs.

Ticking by.

Radio anorak entry.

You can choose your friends...

I'm an excellent boyfriend

Food glorious food...

Prejudice can be fun!


House about that?

Frank Sidebottom.

Famous people pretending to be normals

Uber lazy

Gary McKinnon.

Not all of the following is true.

Want to get into the occult? Here's a good place to start.

Laughing at the tragedy of strangers...

Including travellers and transsexuals?


Meme tastic

Thus spake Discordia

Happy Birthday Kerrang

What can I say, Iran out of interest.

Amy's Pond