What can I say, Iran out of interest.

10th June

Although these days I've grown significantly tired of 'conspiracy theory' it's very difficult to reject a whole set of ideas because most of them seem to pander to irrationality. One of the constant refrains emanating from that particular sector of our culture is the belief a war with Iran is inevitable.

It's part of "the agenda", goes the argument, so it will happen in due course. "The agenda" also includes an economic collapse which leads to a global currency, UFO disclosure, the break down of law and order, race riots and the microchipping of people without their consent. And, depending on who your favourite source of paranoia is, martial law, a one world religion, the arrival of the anti-christ and the destruction of 80% of the world's population.

There's more but like I said, I've kind of lost interest in it all these days.

I'll go out on a limb though ... a war with Iran is not on the cards anytime soon. We really can't afford it and neither can our American allies.

The only real point in this post is to make the above prediction as an opposite point of view to the majority of the world's bloggers, most of whom think the war starts tomorrow. My point of view, like theirs, is purely informed by gut instinct. However, mine will not leave you worrying about stuff you can't change.




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