Prejudice can be fun!


Going through a real Alan Moore period at the moment. I'm watching loads of interviews with him on YouTube and have inevitably been drawn towards this website:

It's a magazine which Alan Moore is the editor of. I've swallowed all the hype and am now really excited about it. I'd almost say it was the best magazine I've never read. If it weren't for all the hype I've consumed that surrounds Oz. And that weird mag The Process Church Of The Final Judgement brought out. That always sounded pretty good.

And Time magazine. I've never read a copy of that but it looks pretty neat.

And Rolling Stone.

And Vanity Fair.

This Alan Moore one would certainly be in the top 5 best magazines I've never read.


PS - This is a fun game with films and albums. What's your top 5 best films you've never watched? Or top 5 best albums you've just not got round to yet?


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