I'm a bit like Renton off of that film

25th July

I'm day two into my attempt to go for a week without caffeine. I went a whole day yesterday without it and then today I've just managed to keep not drinking anything with it in. I obviously suffer badly from an addiction to the drug as the last time I tried to come off it I had serious problems. I went very wibbly!

I was around the time I first tried the Atkins diet. A listener suggested it* to me, it was long before it became fashionable. I read the book from cover to cover and was amazed. It is a diet that works but most people don't read the original book and so think all it involves is eating protein and nothing else. That's only part of it. It also tells you to quit caffeine.

No problem I thought...

Without exaggeration I almost collapsed during a dizzy spell brought on by lack of a cuppa! The high I got when I drank a coffee after a long spell without was unbelievable.

However, I currently feel fine. I think it's going to be interesting seeing how long I can manage.


*I listen too much to my listeners. I always have done. I think one of the reasons I went so deep into conspiracy theory / UFOs is because you can't present a late night radio show without those ideas being put to you on a frequent basis.

I also blame a listener for my Tony Robbins addiction. Someone sent me one of his talks in the post, I never got round to thanking them actually. Maybe they read this blog? If so, hello and thanks.

And my managing to quit smoking. Allen Carr was first suggested to me by a listener. It's a book, you read it and you quit. Mad. Don't know how it worked but it did.


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