£50 extra a month!

My new house has no designated parking. Also, next door we have a nice young couple with a baby and a piano. The baby frequently cries with enthusiasm. To calm it down they play the piano to it. This rarely works and the resulting cacophony is tragi-comic.

That said I'm slowly starting to like this new place. It's more modern than where I was previously and we're gradually getting rid of all the boxes in the front room.

I had a little fit at one point when I thought I'd lost a mate of mine's antique book which he lent me a few months ago with the warning that it was irreplacable. I was flapping about wondering where it was, turned out it was in a 'special' box.

Still irks me that we haven't got our own parking spaces though. Tsk.

And it costs £50 more a month in rent. That's a lot of money*.


*My girlfriend says I go on about this "all the time".


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