Amy's Pond

9th June

Spent a good chunk of the day watching Dr Who. I've finally decided that this chap is one of my favourites in the role, of all time. In fact this is the first series where I've not wanted to miss a single second. It's on an all time high.

Me and my girlfriend are also excited that Amy Pond looks like a mate of ours, TV journalist Claire Fallon.

However now its been pointed out to me I'm finding this classic series a bit confusing to watch. Are we actually watching Amy Pond or is it more fun to imagine a mate of ours being depicted on the small screen helping out everyone's favourite Time Lord?

As I understand it a couple of people have approached Claire thinking she was the actress who plays the role of Miss Pond.

Meanwhile I've been managing to look like a fatter version of Toadfish off Neighbours for quite some time without many people so much as batting an eyelid.



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