Anyone but England?

That seems a bit off to me. There is a craze for "A.B.E." shirts at the moment. Mainly they're purchased by unhappy Scottish people. I have Scottish ancestry but very little of this has percolated into my mind. I suppose if it had I'd be enthusiastically anti-English and able to ignore the hypocrisy of that stance given how much Scotland has befitted from the union of our two countries.

I'm not a football fan at all. In fact I actually hate the game and everything about it. I don't want anyone to lose or win it. I want it to end, forever. I have only once wanted England in particular to lose. I've watched three football matches in my life, one of them was during a pub screening and as the scary yahoos were chanting "two world wars an' one world cup" I did start to want their team to lose if only to see them crestfallen.

I sat there in silence barely able to contain my joy as things graducally went from bad to worse for my national team. "Excellent," I thought, "perhaps this will show them that acting like an idiot is unpleasant". As, I'm sure you've noticed my logic there is flawed.

They did ultimately lose though and it was a heartwarming sight to see meatheads becoming angry and upset. Obviously the pub in question became a dangerous zone and we left after the first fight broke out. No one learned anything and I suspect the cycle continued.

Can't wait for this thing to be over.



Lloyd England said…
I haven't seen anybody wearing an "Anyone But England" top. I saw one mention of it on TV and then nothing since. Is this craze real or a media construct?

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