A dog had laid an egg on a park bench?

Aug 7

This picture, which I first saw here, reminded me of the time I went on holiday with a mate to the seaside resort of Filey, North Yorkshire. We were teenagers and as a result one of our jolly wheeze's was to craft replica dog turds from nearby patches of clay we discovered just off from the beach. We then rolled these replica dog turds in sand, for "extra authenticity" and once they looked as realistic as possible we then placed them in prime locations around the resort. You know, like on a park bench or underneath a no dogs allowed sign.

It still amuses me that we had serious conversations about if the dog turds looked too big, too small or were of the correct consistency in terms of texture and colour. He's an artist nowadays, I wonder if those early works would fetch a high price next to his more acclaimed pieces?

Ah - happy days!



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