Big Brother's final series limps along

29th July

Me an' the lady settled down to watch Big Brother 11 on our still broken telly. The little line which flickers at the top didn't detract hugely from this rather poor final series of the infamous reality TV show.

I'm finding it hard to pick a favourite housemate. Last time round I liked quite a few of them and enjoyed the series. This time it's trickier to enjoy so I'm turning into the annoying stereotype boyfriend who sits and snipes on the sidelines.

Just before I continue to write this entry, it's not cool to dislike Big Brother the TV show. Almost everyone hates it these days. You are in the majority if you hate it. I always feel like I've done something wrong if I have a majority viewpoint so I'm really trying to like this series. It's not working though.

I think my favourite housemate is the big breasted mancunian lesbian Corin. She seems nice. She doesn't get much screen time though. Annoying.

Here's a good youtube video:



Anonymous said…
i love Corin! i wish she had stayed in longer :( like second place!
but im glad josie won :D
i cannot stand dave and i absolutely hate him very very much. so p***ed he got runner up. why on earth does the public always seem to like creepy bible guys?
i remember a guy called steve on BB once, didnt really pay attention to that series but i do remember tuning in to him saying something along the lines of he would rather shoot his own daughter than deny god/jesus.
i used to hate Big Brother as well, but i watched this series cause its the last one and i REALLY got into it, i loved it =)
first series i properly watched.

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