Comedy, it's funny isn't it?

One of the producers at LBC went to see Chris Addison, the bloke who plays Olly in The Thick Of It, doing stand up. He came into work full of praise. I saw him doing stand up years ago, pre-fame, in Sheffield and he absolutely stormed it. He dished out loads of local material and won over the whole club. It was at The Lescar, man I miss that club. One of the best things about Sheffield.

The Edingburgh Festival is coming up soon and I'm getting a little down about it. Me and my girlfriend have been going there for years* but this time round we can't really afford it. We might be able to make it up for a day but we can't do our usual week there. Even with the mates rates accomodation we always use.

Here's a list of good acts who may or may not be there but if you go and get the chace make sure you go see...

My mate Tom Binns' new character. He's called Ian D Montford, I think. The character is a satire of these earnest psychics you get plying their trade in working men's clubs. I've heard some of the jokes he's written over the phone and I'd although I've not seen the act from the sounds of it this character is even better than Tom's famous (and hugely successful) creation Ivan Brackenbury.

Stewart Lee - he's always good but he's better live than on DVD. There's sometimes a weird tension in the room when he does his stuff. Or at least there used to be, perhaps less so now he's seen as a comedy God. Still brilliant though. Possibly the best.

Simon Munnery, his AGM is essential if you go to the festival. If me and my lady only pop up for a day Munnery will be on our itinery. That weird tension Lee occasionally has is always present when Mr Munnery is involved. It makes for an electric performance. Hugely quotable. Great.

Brendon Burns. Used to call the old Kerrang show on occasion. He's in the boring 'shock-comic' archetype but don't let that put you off, unlike most of his peers there's an enormous intelligence here and this guy is for real. Well worth it.

Also - make a point of spending some time enjoying The Free Fringe. It's often capable of matching its more expensive peer.

Also don't miss Josie Long, Robin Ince, Richard Herring.

Arrgh! I'm making myself miss it even more.


*Blog entry from one of occasions when I went up there. Aaah, happy days. I love comedy. I still dream about trying to do stand up again. It was fun, on the one occasion it actually went well.


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