David Cameron's out of control, stop this man!

5th Aug

David Cameron is either an evil genius when it comes to foreign policy or a Mr Bean style character who blunders his way through things, hoping for the best. My cynicism regarding politicians makes me inclined towards the latter description. Firstly his description of the UK as the US's junior partner during the war in 1940 was wrong on so many levels it's not easy to work out where to begin. Perhaps we start with the date, 1940 was the year when we stood alone against the almost card board cut out figure of evil that is Adolf Hitler. The US didn't come in until the next year.

Secondly, it's of no use to us for our leader to publicly acknowledge the truth of our relationship with the US. Not so far as I can see. If there's a time and place for unquestioning national pride and flag waving surely it's on the world stage? Sure, behind closed doors it's worth enduring a cold sweat or two as you absorb the sober truths while trying to work out what to do about it but I'd rather be represented in the theatre of US diplomatic relations by someone who bangs the drum a bit. I was always led to believe that these things were largely about pomp and circumstance.

Like I said, perhaps he's an evil genius with a plan I can't fathom. I doubt it though given the next ball he dropped in Pakistan. Sat, as he was, in India, the country who has waged war against them and is considered to be a mortal enemy, he spouts off about them exporting terror! Way to go Cameron. This after he praises their enemy India as some sort of a new superpower.

Pakistan is an ally of this country. We have deep links with it. Telling them they're exporting terror, again regardless of the veracity of the claim, seems hamfisted to me. Perhaps I'll be proved wrong but I doubt it.

My advice to him, because now I'm friends with political blogger Iain Dale I'm sure he reads this site*, is to calm it all down a bit. All people I've spoken to with family from Pakistan were upset by the terrorism comment and all the pensioners I've spoken to think the war one was a bad move as well.

Rant over, back to the real world. I've almost finished the Stewart Lee book. 3/4 of the way through and only had it in my posession for a few days!


*I am of course joking for anyone who has had an irony bypass operation recently.

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