2nd July

Last night I watched a whole episode of Skins. It was as rubbish as you think. My excuse is that I was flicking between normal telly and HD to see if I could spot the difference. In the end the telly went off and I landed on LBC where the pictures are rubbish but the audio more than makes up for it*.

The immediate response from someone regarding my apathy towards Skins would probably be that I don't like it because I'm too old for it. I'm probably too square to deal with underage sex and drugs. I'm not sure if that excuse really washes with me. I remember it being used when Radio 1 went rubbish in the 90's and I was straight in the middle of its target audience's age range. It seemed like an excuse back then and it still does now.

Demographics have a lot to answer for in this day and age. The laws of demographic profiling make interesting things bland and turn out the sort of popstars you see going through the sausage factory that is X-Factor.

Good creativity is not led by a target market. I remember as a kid wanting desperately to see a Watchmen prequel or sequel. The Watchmen is a comic book written by the genius Alan Moore. At the time I didn't understand his logic, which he often put forward in interviews, "give them what they need, not what they want"**. Over time I've come to see that he was right. I needed to grow up a bit and read some of his other (possibly better) work.

Demographics produce Star Wars prequels and Karate Kid remakes. People like, Alan Moore, produce something worthwhile.

I strongly suspect Skins was belched out of the mouth of pie charts, surveys and focus groups. Maybe I'm wrong, I only watched one episode.


*It's a cliche these days for people to say the best pictures are on the radio. They're not of course. The TV does better pictures. As does a cinema. They've even got something called 3D these days. That's ace!

I wonder how many readers were fuming as they read the above note? "He's totally missed the point, the pictures are better because you can imagine them". If you did a bit of fuming I suggest you give this blog a miss in future. I do occasionally dick about here, for my own amusement.

**I don't think this is his quote but I can't find whose it is.


Murray said…
You've probably seen it already, but here's Stewart Lee's critique of Skins on Screenwipe.

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