Discordian Poetry

14th July NB// Most people will not like this entry.

The Discordian's "Great Work".

Part I

"Learning is remembering"*
And the intellectual advancement of our species
Is like the change in consciousness
One feels when waking in the morning.

Gradually we are remembering the future.

This is odd when you consider the fact that
We intuitively think of memories
As something to be made, rather
Than to acquire.

Is it possible therefore,
That time is going backwards?

"Which time?"
That time.

Writing is an attempt at consciousness transforming alchemy.
Adding new bricks and holes to the reality tunnels of your fellow humans.
"All art is propaganda!" and "Words are thought control!"
"All truth must filter through your mind!"

Magic is words and spelling is the key to a spell.
Demons exist in the form of powerful memes.
Some ideas develop sentience like a parasite drains life.
Thusly all active deity's are 'alive' in worship.
The Gods are real if you think it so.
Yaweh, Allah, Jesus and Thor.
Eris, Xenu, Set and Horus.

Taking this logic further provides the key to ascension.
One wholly enters the divine mind
Through the heaven or hell of praise or condemnation
Once dead.

The longer you are spoken of and remembered,
Or even imagined,
The longer will be thy "afterlife"**.

These transmissions provided by The Divine Goddess
Praise Discordia!
The sacred Chao!
"True communication is only possible"***
When addressing yourself.
I'm the only true Discordian, all the rest are liars.
You're the only true Discordian, all the rest are liars.
Hail Eris!

"I remember being confused and thinking people could read my mind. I felt it was a terrible invasion of my privacy. You know, for the way in which the rules had changed. What right had they all to use use their new powers and slant the universe so contrary to my favour? Then, I'm afraid, I realised that I had begun without cease to speak my thoughts and write them all down! Those around me had only done as I'd asked: crept into my head and stolen my soul".


*Plato's Socratic dialogues.
**With deliberate reference to Sartre "No Exit".
*** "between equals" - Principia Discordia.


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