The Eh Team?*

Aug 3rd

I'm very glad that me and my lady watched a few episodes of the TV series upon which the A-Team film was based. In my imagination the series was a work of genius, turns out that in reality it's irritating and dull.

I used to be a proud member of the A-Team fan club. It had little badges and stickers and a baffling set of pictures of not only the cast but also the crew who made the show. Baffling because, as a kid, you don't care what the chief grip looks like. Or indeed the head of props and continuity.

The film version we've just watched was boring. Not much more or less than that. Couple of nice action sequences but nothing special.

I think the only innovation in the film was that this time round the A-Team were ex-Gulf war as opposed to ex-Vietnam. That annoyed me. There's a tendancy for lazy comparisons like that to confuse the moral ambiguity which surrounds the two conflicts which we, along with America, got stuck into in the last decade. Vietman had no justification whatsoever. To believe that about these two wars is to simplify anti-war dissent to the point where you end up waving flags like those numb nutted: "We are all Hezbollah now" ones you see.

Still, you're reading the blog of a man who let ideological concerns get in the way of his enjoyment of the last Batman film so take it all with a pinch.


*Stolen from Viz comic. Still a great read.


Anonymous said…
on reflection, i believe you enjoyed this movie more than you gave it credit for... what do you want from an A Team movie anyway??? it was actually well executed given the tv show its based on which like you say we realise was pretty dull and predictable.. 80s kids huh? no taste ;)
her indoors x

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