Gary McKinnon.


Gary McKinnon's case should have been sorted by now. I've met him and his mother a couple of times and it's beyond my comprehension why he is still being tortured by the legal system in this country. He's the guy who allegedly hacked into the American government's computer systems to look for evidence of UFOs. From the sounds of it he found something, but there's no solid proof of this that I'm aware of.

The extradition battle between this country and America has been long and torturous. I can only imagine what it must have been like for the guy to follow all the legal highs and lows as his story has continued to twist and turn.

I attended one of the High Court hearings in the House of Lords where an appeal put forward by his legal team was being heard. The hours of dull legalspeak and men sat around with silly wigs was enough to drive someone round the bend. To have to endure those kind of things when your life hangs in the balance would blow my mind.

Poor bloke.

Free Gary.



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