Getting a bit shirty.

16th July

When I got to work yesterday I was sweating through my purple shirt. There were big thick patches of damp on it in all the usual places and under my man boobs! This is not a good look.

The thing is, no one could fail to notice and so there's a temptation to sort of defuse the situation by making a joke about it and going, "phew, I'm really hot, look I'm sweating". But it's so disgusting that I thought it best to just pretend it hadn't happened.

I like my purple shirt I've got but if it's going to let me down like this I might have to dump it and buy a new one. Black is always a good colour. It can hide a multitude of sins and stains. Apart from toothpaste. Set against a black background that is unmissable and can look like one of the worst stains it's possible to have.

I think today I will wear a black shirt. Leave the purple one for cooler weather later in the year.



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