Grim world at the moment

July 6th

Man, I had a conversation today with yet another friend who has lost their job. This guy, unlike the others, doesn't work in radio but it's all part of a wider trend which I'm sure has touched you as well. Add to that a recent disturbing spate of burglaries in my girlfriend and my social circle and it's all looking a bit bleak at present.

I'm turning more and more to blind optimism in these situations. I might not have religious faith but I do believe that things always works out ok in the end, and if it hasn't worked out yet, it's not the end*.

I was drawn into a conversation recently with a friend of mine who was almost relishing the fact we're, as a nation, are heading for some pretty serious economic troubles over the next few years. His reasoning was that it will force people to take stock of problems that have been left to slide for too long. I'm not sure I follow his logic personally but he's not the first person I've heard articulate that viewpoint.

I suppose I sort of argued that in microcosm regarding the radio industry (in the previously linked to post) but even there I make it clear that knowing trouble is on the way doesn't make it any easier to bear. Sometimes it only makes it worse.

My mind keeps coming back to the awesome film '24 Hour Party People' which uses the idea that life is like a wheel. You have your good times and your bad. Salvation during the bad times comes with the realisation that you're only passing through, just as discomfort in the good times is brought on by the anticipation that positive moments must also only ever be temporary.

Obviously these ideas were not first articulated by a quirky Steve Coogan vehicle, they're rooted in early classical philosophy but they're nicely put by the film. I recommend watching it if times are getting on top of you.


*For years I laboured under the impression that this was one of my lines. I had it scrawled on a piece of wood I used to keep in my bedroom as a teenager. Turns out that a quick google search shows you it's quite a common saying. Pesky google ruining my ego.


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