Having children does seem rubbish

Sunday The 31st of July

I enjoyed listening to Cristo's show on LBC today. He was on top form. I couldn't agree more with his rant about the sitcom "Outnumbered" which features one half of the unfunny double act Punt and Dennis*. Me and my girlfriend excitedly switched it on when friends of ours (all of whom have kids) sold it to us as being one of the funniest TV shows they'd ever seen. If you've not seen it here's broadly what happens: adults are hassled by annoying kids as they get ready for school.

From the perspective of me, a man who doesn't have children at the moment, it was just annoying. Not charming or funny. Just really annoying. Me and my girlfriend realised as we were watching it that everyone who'd told us how great it was had kids themselves.

I remember a stand up comedian, can't remember which one, once ranting that kids are the sort of thing people want to inflict on other people once they've had them. They see all their non-child bearing friends and have a desire to drag them into the children clubby hook or by crook. "Oh, you two should have kids, it's great, no social life and lots of worry and stress," goes the mantra according to this comedian, whose name escapes me.

I think "Outnumbered" is a manifestation of that equation on a mass scale.

Cristo's rant was along similar lines. Us men without children are on to this devious plan! I bet there's no one without children who enjoys that sitcom.


*The unfunny half of The Mary Whitehouse Experience. An, in retrospect, not that great TV show.


Murray said…
Hence the bafflingly popular My Family and numerous other terrible BBC family sitcoms.

And yes, The Mary Whitehouse Experience was truly awful. But hey, we were kids too, back then. What did we know?
Anonymous said…
i dont have kids and i certainly dont want them but i think Outnumbered is very funny ^-^

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