High as a kite off a single cup of coffee!

27th July

My caffine experiment has had to end. I was freaking out!

Who needs drugs when you can muck about with caffine highs? I reckon most people are more addicted to the substance than they think. Try cutting it out for a week, see how you do. If you can't manage it you'll still enjoy your first cup back.

A mate of mine has managed to quit altogether. He's also gone vegetarian. And has succeeded in turning into a smug c--t.

Joking of course*.

He'll give up his telly next.

Have you ever noticed that people who haven't got a telly always manage to tell you. They can't help but squeeze it into conversation. My "chav sized" telly was partly purchased with them in mind.


*He's a good mate and he occasionally reads this blog. He's also a bit of a sensitive soul so I have to make it clear I'm joking. Wonder if he'll correctly self identify after reading this post? I'll mention him by name if he does.


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