House about that?


We're moving house. It's a big, long, boring task.

My girlfriend has, as usual, done the Lion's share of the work. I think without her I wouldn't actually do anything. As mentioned earlier, my laziness is potentially Olympian in its reach.

The place we're moving to is more expensive than where we were before (£50 a month!) and looks a little smaller. My girlfriend loves it but I am currently unconvinced. The parking situation looks like a nightmare, no driveway, no designated spaces. The only obvious advantage it has is that it is warmer inside the house than it is outside. I kid you not, the previous house had an almost supernatural cold. For me this was a bonus, I prefer cold to hot. Most normal people though, were not so keen.

Man, I'm going to miss my driveway though.

And my open fire.



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