I love Stewart Lee and his mad sense of integrity

Stewart Lee is apparently livid that there is to be a "Foster's Comedy God" award which will be voted for by the public and then handed out by the new sponsor of what used to be called, the Perrier comedy awards*. His angry email to them is reproduced on the excellent Chortle website here.

Here's an idea of what to expect:

‘You should be ashamed, Nica Burns! It's not too late to try and change the way you will be remembered.

‘Corporate Whores. Morons. Illiterates.

‘There is so much good stuff you could use your corporate funding for, and instead, year in, year out, you make these crass decisions.

‘The whole thing will blow up in your face. Then, perhaps, we will see an end to your nonsense.

‘Your cynicism is breathtaking. Your Edinburgh Comedy God idea is banal. There are no comedy gods. Enjoy your Edinburgh Comedy Festival™.’

It's hard to know how much of it is tongue in cheek. I suspect probably less than you'd hope but given that I don't know him and have only ever spoken to him once** it's hard to say. Obviously, and quite rightly, you get a bit of free licence in our society if you're a comedian. I like the fact Stewart Lee uses this to good effect.

There's no doubt it's a banal idea. There's also no doubt he's right to slag it off. The question is, was there any point***?


*It had a different sponsor as well, for a bit. The Iffy awards or something. Can't even be bothered to google it. If they want a mention they can sponsor this blog.

**Interview which we put out on the old radio show. Might podcast it soon. Will not start podcasting stuff without a bit of fanfare here.

***I don't know the answer to this bit. Unlike with the previous two sentences there might be some doubt.


Anonymous said…
Nick please please make one of the first podcasts the NOT ROD STEWAAAAART! interview! please please :D please! <333333!

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