I'm an excellent boyfriend


For her birthday I bought my girlfriend The MicroCube. And a guitar.

Of the two things it is The MicroCube that has impressed me the most. There's loads of lovely effects you can get out of it. Echo, delay, chorus, flange. I've always enjoyed a bit of flange on the end of my instrument. I'm sure you can relate to that.

Is it a present if I'm the one who uses it most?

I did used to be in a band when I was younger. I was in a few. In many ways I'm a classic example of the failed rockstar. It's an archetype which you usually encounter in music shops, presenting radio shows or as the leader of a religious cult.

I wrote a good 50 songs of which only one, was actually any good. My one good song is best described as average in fact. The sort of thing which a good band might use as a filler on an album.

Still, now I've got the cube I'll be able to re-live those dreams for a bit.

Ahem, little freudian slip there. Now my girlfriend has the cube, I can borrow it and be able to re-live those dreams, for a bit.



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