Including travellers and transsexuals?


Do you think The Daily Mail is intentionally amusing? Sentences like this one are beyond parody aren't they (?):

[An Ofcom study] labelled 'bizarre' yesterday, was based on just 130 viewers with a disproportionate focus on minority groups, including travellers and transsexuals.

[my emphasis]

Those four final words are almost deliberately comedic. It's amazing to me that a human person somewhere has written that, re-read it and thought "yes, good, that's exactly what the editor will be pleased with". Sort of rubbing their hands together and going "yes, travellers and transsexuals, bit of alliteration in my article, people will like that". I can't help but think that it must have been more likely the case that whoever wrote it kind of pulled a smirk and thought "that'll piss them off, they hate travellers and transsexuals".

It's just such an odd and contrived turn of phrase. Perhaps I'm out on a limb here. What else is a blog for, I ask you?*


*It's a rhetorical question. The purpose of a blog is widely known. Principally they are for gathering a small but hardened band of loyal followers many of whom eventually make the trek to some outpost in the desser somewhere and join your cult.


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