Irony and sarcasm: Lee Nelson's Well Good Show

Lee Nelson in action
23rd July

Today I sat and watched "Lee Nelson's Well Good Show". It was a 'best bits' clip show. Good lord what absolute toss! Firstly, lets be clear here, it's a show about a "chav" called Lee Nelson. He is supposed to be a bit thick. There is therefore a level of irony to most of the things he says. A duality of meaning which the writers of this show didn't seem to consider when naming the show with the voice of their eponymous star. By putting the title into the language of the "chav" character they're mocking it doesn't seem to occur to them that this places the viewer in an odd conundrum. Do they presume this really is a "well good show" or do they take that description with the level of sarcasm which is implied?

If it's really the sort of show a stereotypical "chav" would like in what sense does that mean the general viewer should watch it? Who, precisely, is this show aimed at? Did the problems inherent in the title cause the people who made it to become a little jaded during the process? It's a BBC show, which part of the public is it a service to? Given that they are public service broadcasters you'd think they'd have some sort of answer to that one. I wonder what it is?

The reason that all these questions floated through my head is because whoever put together the "best bits" forgot to include any jokes or funny bits.

One of my twitter correspondents suggested to me that it's a character lift from those old Devvo sketches. I'm not sure how far I go along with that but there's certainly a similarity. Here's old blog entries about Devvo, who oddly enough, Kate Lawler, was a fan of: HERE, HERE and HERE.


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