It's wrong to shout "hey Alf!" at strangers, right?

London is weird. First thing in the morning, finished my show at The LBC. Wandering about in Leicester Square and there we are, Alf off Home And Away. Wandering about, on his own. Now, I'm part of the generation who grew up with Neighbours and Home and Away. Alf has been part of the latter show since day nought. I did more than a double take when I saw him. It took me every fibre of my being to stop from shouting "f___ing hell! It's Alf!".

I'm amazed at how 'starstruck' I get in situations like that. It's not something I'm proud of, in fact I'm a little bit ashamed of this side of me. I really really wanted to talk to him. More so, oddly, than when I saw Gollum recently.

I mentioned it on twitter and someone asked me "do people ever shout out "blimey, it's Nick!" in London? Don't live in London any more, but if I did, I'd like to shout it"

Obviously it doesn't happen often, I'm by far the least high profile of LBC's presenters. In fact, it's only ever happened once in relation to London's Biggest; there was a chap who pointed at me and went "aahh - LBC!". I was just pleased and went "hello".

I wonder what Alf's reaction would have been? He'd have probably gotten annoyed like his character and told me to "rack off". Then I'd have been forced to say "fair dinkum".

Alf... that's exciting.



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