Katie pays the Price

Urrgh. Does irony even exist in the mind of someone like Katie Price? I used to think that people like her knew what they did was nonsense. I grew up with the belief that were you to meet a famous person in real life they would let you in on the fact that everyone knew it was all a pose. The open secret would be revealed to you.

As I've got older, working on the fringes of celebrity, I've realised this is not in fact always the case. People like Katie Price do sometimes actually believe sincerely in what most of us would presume was an act.

In fact she was initially a prime candidate for having a bit of perspective given that she has 'an alter ego' in her stage name "Jordan". When I first heard this it gave me hope. "Excellent," I thought, "an attractive woman with a good grasp of the distinction between a persona and personality". Turns out this is more of a fake name in the sense that most strippers are not called 'Bunny' or 'Kitten'. In fact "Jordan" seems to be a character in the same sense that some people who have been subjected to extreme childhood trauma have split personalities to help them cope.

I can't claim to know much regarding this woman I'm writing about but I have watched various interviews and TV shows she's in*. Tonight I was watching her moaning to the documentary crew that were following her about that she wanted more privacy.

I granted her wish and changed channels.


*I'd actually lay claim to being the only person left in the UK who genuinely still finds her attractive. I feel like this entitles me to some sort of medal.


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