Laughing at the tragedy of strangers...


Sat on a train, bored. Why do people always insist on having a loud phone conversation like that bloke over there? Good god he's annoying. My twitter feed continues the story:

is it wrong to be amused by a bloke arguing with his girlfriend on a mobile phone, being frequently frustrated when his signal cuts out?
16 June 2010 20:43:07 via mobile web

ooh! He's dumping her in anger! It's all kicking off.
16 June 2010 20:45:47 via mobile web

"fine, lets just end it then shall we? Did you plan it like this did you? Fine. I don't care. Lets just end it." Oh dear!
16 June 2010 20:48:28 via mobile web

"that's it then, that's the end of it. You've made me do this. You've planned it. I've already apologised for that though. No, that's it."
16 June 2010 20:51:15 via mobile web

"well, Elaine, I didn't think there was any music to be faced." He's putting on a brave voice to her but looks upset.
16 June 2010 20:53:10 via mobile web

'that's an end to it then, see you when I see you.' Hangs up phone face in hand...
16 June 2010 20:54:27 via mobile web

At this point some of my followers on my twitter feed were still egging me on asking for more detail while others started to question the morality of reporting on this clearly quite private human tragedy. I have around 1,000 people who read my twitter feed. They are an odd mix of old Hallam FM listeners, Kerrang radio show fans and new LBC show followers. The Kerrangers wanted more but the LBC and Hallam ones seemed a little unsure.

... And he's gently sobbing. Good god. That kept swinging from comic to tragic. Not sure where it is now.
16 June 2010 20:56:00 via mobile web

I'd not named this bloke but I was sort of intruding on something here. That said, he was on a crowded train. Lots of other people will have been snooping in. I felt really sorry for the guy. He'd been very brash with the girl but he clearly loved her and was now obviously in emotional pain. She'd never see this bit. To listen to his voice he'd sounded like a proper jack the lad telling his woman where to go.

He then dried his eyes and made a call again:

And we're back in the comic. Now on the phone to his mate explaining loudly what a b[itch]. his girlfriend is. Mate's name? Dave.
16 June 2010 21:02:25 via mobile web

Now the conversation here was pretty nasty as the guy poured out the bile to his mate Dave. My sympathy ebbed away. And, by the sound of things, so did Dave's:

oh. . . 'sure, I've accepted I was in the wrong'. Looks like 'Dave' isn't so sympathetic. And he's lost his signal again!
16 June 2010 21:05:43 via mobile web

either that or 'Dave' hung up on him. Never works like this in a soap opera. He's just looking out of the train window now. That was fun.
16 June 2010 21:07:43 via mobile web

Hemingway once wrote a short story in just six words: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn.". Some describe it as his best work. By its standard the above is a little long but it still spoke to me on quite a deep level. It's also true.



Lloyd Foe said…
Rest assured that none of your actual friends read this.
Must be that Birmingham depression that brought on the egging on. Finding pleasure in others unhappiness. Oh dear. Fellow kerrangers should be ashamed. lol

Still fairly humorous ending

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