Lee and Herring was never as good as Stewart Lee and Richard Herring.

Aug 6

Nostalgia is a funny thing. Some people my age labour under the impression that the comedy double act Lee and Herring were really good and it's a shame they split up. They weren't and it isn't. Lee and Herring were responsible for some good bits of comedy but when they split up and went their seperate ways (while remaining friends in real life) it was easily the best thing to happen to both their creative talents. Without question both have excelled in their solo careers and far surpassed anything they ever did together.

How would Stewart Lee's bile filled and angry masterclass in stand up, "90's comedian," ever have happened if he'd had the jocular Herring character bouncing around next to him? Where would the excellent blog Warming Up have emerged from if Richard Herring was busy trying to accomodate Lee's direction in his work? Let alone the podcasts Herring has done with Andrew "Collings" and with the ensemble cast of "As it occurs to me".

As a pair they were hit and miss. Alone they're two of the best comedians of our generation.

Here's Herring's review of Lee's book which I finished today


PS - While we're on the subject of good podcasts Howard Hughes's Unexplained show is worth a listen if you were a fan of my old Kerrang show The Night Before.


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