Legalise drugs.

I've never understood why our taxes are being pumped into wars which we can clearly never win. The war in Iraq is one good example. The war on recreational drugs is another.

It costs us a fortune to pursue and jail drug users every year. Surely jail should be for violent criminals only? Surely the police should be mainly concerned with catching people who threaten us physically or steal our property. Not some dozy twunt who wants to jack up on heroin in his bedsit at the weekend. Nature will take care of him in the end. Why involve the police?

If the guy wants help to get off the drug why put the possible threat of legal action in his way?

I'm totally at a loss as to why we're in the mess we are regarding the drugs laws in this country. The prisons are full. Our public purse is empty. Now is the time to end the war on drugs.

Or at least call a truce.

Concentrate on people who harm others, not themselves.

Years ago I read a book called Emperor of Dreams which explained the legal history behind drug legislation in the US and the UK. It was tragi-comic in its detail. Doctors who needed the authority to prescribe drugs and paper merchants who wanted to crush the hemp industry all coalesced into the current miasma we encounter in 2010. Common sense needs to prevail here but there is not the political will to make that happen. I wonder when it will? Probably not in our lifetime.

Nick Clegg's Freedom website crashes under the weight of potheads:



Murray said…
Our Drugs War has been an excellent, well-researched and insightful documentary so far, but will the government take any real notice? Of course not. Look what happened to David Nutt: 'How dare he prove us wrong with facts!'

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