Made some changes to the blog format

Got a text off a mate who isn't keen on the slight changes I've made to the format of the blog where you've got to click to see the full entry. It makes it easier to manage my end and I can see how many of the people who log on are actually reading the thing. However, if you don't like it post a comment at the bottom of this entry and I'll change it back.

Turns out we've got quite a few readers now: about two to three hundred every week. Almost a mini community. Soon we'll be able to stage a revolution. I'll give the word when our numbers have swelled to five hundred or more, after all that's almost an army!

Also - it has come to my attention that there's a good chunk of people who read this blog and maintain their own section of the internets which is simmilarly blog shaped. If you're one of them and want me to direct people to you via my blogroll put a comment in the bottom of this entry and we can do a link swap. Can't promise you'll gain any more readers from it but there we are.

Keep yer powder dry and your mudflaps down!



Anonymous said…
i didnt like it at first but i think im used to it now
Anonymous said…
New format = rubbish. Bring back the old one!

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