More "proves it"...

Me and my old producer Alex Baker had a little catch phrase we'd often use in relation to UFO stories. In the event of one occurring in the news we'd point and shout "prooooves it!!".
This story about a sighting in China would have merited a good solid "prooves it!".

It caused a Chinese airport to shut down when it was sighted by hundreds of people over Zhejiang's provincial capital Hangzhou. "Xiaoshan Airport was closed [...] at around 9 pm and dozens of flights had to be diverted." - source Daily Mail story.

Apparently an announcement is to be forthcoming from the Chinese government. I expect it'll be another weather balloon. I was so convinced we were on the brink of Extra Terrestrial life being disclosed to the world only a couple of years ago that I still get a twinge of excitement whenever I read a story like this.

The most likely "truth" behind the ET/UFO cover up, if you presume there is one, from my perspective runs like this:

The "orgasmatron" theory.

1, Someone somewhere found something which they do not understand. Lets call it "the orgasmatrion".

2, The "orgasmatron" is of alien origin, probably, and sits in a safe room somewhere.

3, People who have seen it are non the wiser.

4, They don't tell us because they don't quite know what to say.

Who exactly is in on "the orgasmatron" is debatable because in truth no one is. No one knows what to make of it. How substantial the "orgasmatron" is as proof of intelligent extra terrestrials is again open to speculation. My only evidence to support the theory is the vast numbers of people who are prepared to step forward with testimony that there really is something to the UFO cover up.

As a theory I think it's the best you can manage with the available evidence.

Is this UFO spotted in China an "orgasmatron"?



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