Music I enjoy #4


It's tricky to know how to sell a band like Hawkwind to someone. Their music is
so varied that most people just give up trying to find an entry point. It is worth getting into them though, my suggestion is you start with their first album then go from that to their fourth "Space Ritual Alive in Liverpool and London". This gives you an idea of what to expect. A bit.

Part of the beauty of Hawkwind is their inconsistency. Some of the stuff they've put out is of questionable quality. I do not yet own all of their albums, just most of them. This means if I ever fancy a bit of an odd new musical experience I can cop one of their CDs and see what happens.

I've also met and interviewed their lead singer Dave Brock. Back when I was a student radio presenter we went and interviewed him in his caravan. He was on tour with the band. I remember walking in through the door via a thick milky white cloud of marijuana smoke. There was a bong on the go but Mr Brock didn't look high. We had a really interesting and amusing chat.

In fact one of my questions was about how people listening might go about getting into Hawkwind. His reply sums the interview up rather well: "Mmm, good question. It's safe to say that most people would have to do an audition. Usually, unless they're already known to us. Most people have to audition."

I was so excited to be talking to him, and a little confused by the heady atmosphere, that I didn't notice we were talking at such cross purposes until I got the tape home and listened back to it.

I must have that interview somewhere on tape. If I find it, I'll podcast it if it's not too embarrasing.



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